Friday, February 8, 2019

Joel Kabakov's Available Light

This book was given a favorable review
by the Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Science.

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    Joel Kabakov (PhD ’77, music) has published his first volume of poetry, Available Light (Goldfish Press, 2015). The poems are eloquent and well-crafted, the language ranging from fastidious and poetic to loose-limbed vernacular. Individual selections address varied themes—love (“I Brought You Ocean Scenery”), environmental concerns (“Columbia Crossing”), family and memory (“Generations”). Some poems are buoyant; others, more coolly philosophical. But some of his most striking passages conjure up darker visions—“Marooned on islands/each populated by one/ . . . Marooned in rooms/ . . . separated by . . . deadly undertow”). One might say that Available Light contains multitudes, yet the individual selections are given unity through Kabakov’s vivid and intensely personal imagery.